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ANZ tightens apartment lending rules in Brisbane, Perth inner city markets

Generic photo of Brisbane apartments being built, taken some distance away. ANZ tightens apartment lending rules in Brisbane, Perth inner city markets The ANZ has told its brokers to tighten lending restrictions in 11 postcodes in Brisbane and Perth, where buyers will now need a 20 per cent deposit before they can borrow. The bank said it would restrict owner-occupier and investment lending to a maximum of 80 per cent of the value of apartments in seven suburbs across Brisbane — including the trendy inner-city Spring Hill, Petrie Terrace and the CBD, where new apartment blocks have sprung up. Meanwhile, buyers in the Perth CBD, East Perth, South Perth, Kensington, Belmont, Ascot and Redcliffe will need the same amount. ANZ has also released guidance to brokers on how best to accurately assess clients' financial situation, including keeping a record of their conversations. An ANZ spokesman said the update was for a handful of Brisbane and Perth locations and was "part of their ongoing efforts to ensure we are lending responsibly and in consideration of all our regulatory responsibilities". "We regularly look at a number of factors in relation to residential apartments to make sure we are Mortgage brokers Brisbane Get the facts meeting our responsibilities including, supply and demand, rental yield, vacancy rates and location," the spokesman said. Ms Brailey has long accused the banks of committing widespread mortgage fraud to increase profits by deliberately targeting vulnerable people in the community. These include pensioners the banks dubbed ARIP customers — or asset rich and income poor. Ms Brailey said she had more than 2,000 low income people on her books that had lost or faced losing their homes after being "preyed on by banks" and granted loans they could not afford. "I have seen 70 and 80-year-olds on incomes of $30,000 a year given million dollar loans.

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